How to Tell if Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair


Even in the South, once spring arrives we turn our attention to getting our homes ready for the summer months ahead. Getting our lawns and backyards ready for fun in the summer sun, cleaning out rain gutters, and getting maintenance for your air conditioning system are all great ways to welcome spring and prepare for those lazy, hazy summer days. But, you might be concerned about your air conditioning system – maybe it’s getting older, or just not performing as well as you’d like.

Routine maintenance checkups can help diagnose small problems with your home’s air conditioning system, but problems can still arise. Like any other type of mechanical equipment, your AC has a lot of moving parts – and sometimes, unfortunately, those parts fail. That’s why it’s good to know what to look out for in case your air conditioning isn’t working properly. Sometimes, you might simply need to change the filter in your system. In other instances, you probably will need to call Empire to help.

5 Signs Your AC System Needs Repair

Of course, nobody wants to think about their air conditioning system failing on a hot, humid day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll want to look out for, so you can contact us right away for help – before an expensive breakdown or need for replacement occurs.

  1. Your AC is making strange noises. Air conditioning systems tend to make some sound when they’re operating. But, if your AC is making grating or grinding type noises, that’s a good indication that something is going on with the fan or motor, and you should have it checked out by a professional.
  1. The air coming out of your vents doesn’t feel cool. This could be the sign of an issue with either your compressor or a refrigerant leak. Your best course of action is to turn your AC off and call your HVAC contractor to help.
  1. There’s moisture around your air conditioning system. If you notice moisture around your air conditioning system, the good news is that it’s generally easy to fix. The likely culprit is a blocked drainage tube. While this isn’t as urgent as some other problems, you’ll want to get it fixed so that the excess moisture doesn’t lead to mold growth.
  1. Your home feels unusually humid. AC systems generally help to remove moisture from the air, so if you’re noticing that your home is unusually damp, or there’s condensation on your windows, there could be something wrong with your system and it’s a good idea to have it checked out.
  1. The air coming from your AC system smells bad. This harkens back to the third concern on our list. If you’re noticing a strong, musty odor then it’s likely you have mold growth inside your air conditioning system. If you’re noticing a more chemical or burning sort of odor, that could indicate some wiring problems. Either way, call your HVAC pro at Empire for assistance.

If you suspect your system needs repair, don’t delay – call Empire.

We’re ready to assist you. Our professional technicians have been trained to troubleshoot all makes and models of air conditioning systems, and can help get yours up and running properly again.

Simply give us a call at 404.294.0900, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.