What do MERV Ratings mean on Filters?

Indoor Air Filters MERV Ratings – Atlanta

MERV Rating means “minimum efficiency reporting value, ” which identifies the filtering abilities of various indoor filters for home HVAC systems and other filtering units. These MERV ratings vary from 1 to 16, by number. The measurements are in microns. What types of particles are measured?
MERV Ratings signify the amount of insecticide, pet dander, hair, dust, viruses, tobacco, spores, smoke, pollen, bacteria, smog, and other similar particles that your filter removes from the air. The higher the score the better. The HVAC industry uses a testing system known as ASHRAE 52.2 to determine ratings.

For an idea on the size of particles, human hairs are about 75 microns in size. Almost all indoor air filters stop them, in fact particles 10 times smaller than them. Quality filters will stop items 75 times smaller.

You should only use filters in your system that have at least a MERV Rating of 5, preferably 9 or greater. MERV Ratings are sometimes not even given for cheap filters; so please stay away from them.

Indoor Air Filters Sizing Atlanta

The filter must be sized correctly. If you put an extremely high MERV filter in a space that is undersized for the system’s airflow, it will can actually cut the system’s capacity or even cause your HVAC system to ice up due to the restriction in the air flow.

The actual testing methods to determine MERV Ratings can seem cumbersome and complicated, so just make certain that you equate higher ratings with better filtering. Better filtering means cleaner air, less allergens and human illnesses for you, your family, and associates. These filters really do have a large effect on the quality of the indoor air we breathe.

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It is always a good idea seek the advice of a licensed HVAC contractor about the MERV ratings of filters sold in the Atlanta area. Do not just rush out to a local store and buy an inexpensive filter to have one in place. Purchase an air filter with a 9 MERV rating or higher from a qualified heating and air conditioning dealer. Anything less is simply adequate, if that. Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning today!