Things To Consider When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

As nice as it would be not to need an AC unit, this is simply not possible in the south. Some folks are fortunate enough to live in climates where opening the windows is sufficient for air flow, but down here, modern air conditioning is a necessity more than a luxury.

That being said, if your AC unit is currently on its last leg or if you are thinking of upgrading to a more powerful and energy-efficient model, here is how to decide what type of cooling system your home needs.

If the house does not have central HVAC installed, do not be so quick to purchase one. Depending on the size of the property and your family’s cooling needs, a window unit or ductless system may be a better alternative. Duct work is not cheap to install, especially on older houses that were built before this technology became available. In any event, here is how to select the perfect AC system and ultimately make the smartest investment.

What To Know Before Buying an AC System

Regardless of which AC unit you purchase, proper installation is an absolute must. Hiring an unskilled Atlanta HVAC contractor is a bad decision for many reasons, the most obvious of which is the potential damage they could cause to your recent purchase. Always verify that the business is fully licensed, insured and has plenty of references on hand before using their services. It pays to be a smart consumer!

With experience comes knowledge, so be open to your air conditioning contractor’s suggestions about what might suit your home better. Remember, they have worked on countless installations and are the best person to be taking advice from, so let them know you need help choosing the right system.

You may find you do not need the latest and greatest AC unit to effectively cool your home. Many homeowners think bigger is better and end up paying way more than they need to each year in energy costs. Smaller systems tend to operate more efficiently and are better at keeping internal humidity levels in balance. Knowledgeable HVAC contractors will perform a thorough heat-load calculation to determine the right-sized air conditioner and then present you with a list of trusted manufacturers.

We cannot stress enough the importance of buying an Energy Star AC system. The higher the SEER rating, the more cost-efficient the unit will be to run. Spend a little more now to save big in the long run. The Atlanta HVAC pros at Empire Heating and Air offer a full range of heating and air services, so feel free to call anytime if you need assistance!