Air Conditioning in Stone Mountain Survives Tree Crash!

American Standard Air Conditioning Unit – Very Durable

Empire Heating and Air Conditioning installed this unit in 2005 for one of our customers in Stone Mountain. This was a great system with highly efficient two-stage cooling, top of the line air cleaner and zoning and custom duct work, but I never would have imagined it would be this awesome. In July during one of the storms that blew through town, a large tree toppled over and virtually destroyed the outdoor unit. Amazingly the unit continued to run and cool for six long weeks through the big heatwave while the debris was cleared away so reconstruction could begin.

Empire is installing a new unit next week and guess what the owner chose? Another American Standard Allegiance two stage unit of course! I’d say that puts American Standard up there with the Energizer bunny and Timex.

Empire HVAC Recommends American Standard Again

Now you have solid proof, when you want a unit that will take a beating and keep on cooling, American Standard is the ticket!