Improving Indoor Air Quality Around Atlanta

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Improving indoor air quality is a big deal. Think about it… Air pervades or permeates your whole body through the nose and lungs, and its contents make their way through your entire system. We make a fuss over what we eat and drink, whereas what we breathe is almost just as critical!

A poor or unclean indoor air environment has been shown to cause heart disease, lung troubles, eye and nose irritability, and even cancer. Understand? Improving indoor air quality in Atlanta is also important with respect to blocking pollen and other allergy triggers that adversely affect our bodies.

Sub-par ventilation, high temperatures, humidity, appliances, smoking, and mold tend to multiply the problem of bad indoor air. In addition, poisonous gases can also form amid and beneath your home. Radon and carbon monoxide are famous examples. So, what should you do to maintain clean indoor air, and improve your air quality?

Actions Improving Indoor Air Quality

A building’s heating and air conditioning system is crucial for good air quality. A yearly check-up or tune-up is a great idea, as is changing filters regularly.

Discovering any traces of carbon monoxide or radon is also vital. Carbon monoxide alarms and radon detection kits are readily available at reasonable prices. Each generally provides instructions on what steps to take if discovered, which generally means calling a specialist in to handle the matter.

Another important step for clean and safe air in your Atlanta home or elsewhere is to make certain that all appliances are properly installed, vented, and checked for carbon monoxide leaks. No one wants poison in their homes. (Thus, this also means, no smoking indoors, and do not run vehicles inside the garage!)

The act of vacuuming carpets regularly, and proper housekeeping, is also a simple but effective way to clean indoor air. This can actually prevent triggers for asthma attacks and allergies.

Lastly, have your premises checked for mold and mildew. Each can eventually cause severe health problems if neglected. Usually, each has visible signs, but exact identification requires an expert. Mold and mildew are each avoidable by limiting moisture and regulating indoor air temperature.

Indoor Air Summary

Following the advice in this piece is a great start to obtaining a better indoor environment for you, your family, friends, and acquaintances. In fact, Empire Heating & Air Conditioning will gladly share further details about home air quality upon their visit to your home. Remember, lungs are vital, and must be allowed to function without hindrance!

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