Oh no! The Power Went Out….

Back-up Generators from Empire HVAC

Whether it’s from winter storms, tornadoes or natural disasters, the power is going to go out. The only question is how long will it be out? As we have seen from extended power outages in the northeast from Hurricane Sandy or the dreaded winter storm that takes power out for a week, the power can be out for quite some time.

The good news is that you do not have to ever suffer through a power outage again. A Generac fully automatic whole house back-up generator will keep your power running like it never even went out. While your neighbors are living with flashlights, cold houses and endless games of Uno, you can be watching the football game, drinking hot coffee, and enjoying a warm cozy house.

A Generac fully automatic whole house generator works off of your home’s natural gas or propane gas supply. The installed automatic detection switch continuously monitors your home’s electricity supply. When an electrical outage is detected, within milliseconds, the Generac back-up generator will spring to life and begin feeding your home with back-up power with just a small flicker of the lights. Once the power is restored, the Generac will quietly go back to sleep, standing by to step up if needed again.

The Generac system comes in sizes available from 8kW all the way to 60kW. You can choose between essential circuit coverage such as keeping the furnace and refrigerator running or complete whole house coverage.

The Generac Guardian fully automatic back-up generator delivers clean stable power for the safe operation of all your sensitive electronics and appliances. The Generac back-up generator installed by Empire HVAC enables you to never be without power again.

To discuss your back-up power options and to receive a free in home estimate on your fully automatic back-up generator, call Empire HVAC today at 404-294-0900.

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