Understanding Air Conditioning Capacitors

Capacitors Atlanta

Capacitors – with respect to your air conditioning system, what are they? What is important about capacitors in your air conditioning or HVAC system in Atlanta? Read on for complete explanation.

Capacitors Control Voltage

Capacitors are electrical devices that keep or store electrical charges for your HVAC system. They are used in heat pumps and air conditioners and furnaces to stabilize the voltage to fan motors and compressors.

Capacitors Start-up Units

Often, a capacitor is also used to start up these HVAC systems. They provide extra torque power. So, whether you fully understand them or not, just know that HVAC pros at Empire Heating and Air Conditioning do, and understand just exactly how important they are. Without them functioning properly, your HVAC system might not even start, and if it does the system may not blow out air at the right temperature. You may simply hear a dull humming sound. Enough said.

HVAC System Checkups Atlanta – Capacitor Checks

The idea is to have regular air conditioning system tune-ups or check-ups to evaluate the condition of the HVAC system and especially the capacitors. Capacitor checks are a part of the check-up. It is far better to find a faulty component prior to a complete shutdown, as opposed to afterwards.

Capacitor Replacement Atlanta

A good point to make is that despite being important features of a HVAC system in Atlanta, capacitors are fairly inexpensive components that can be replaced easily and inexpensively. This sort of system repair is not a major job, and takes a short time to fix when caught early (before other components are affected).

HVAC System Maintenance Atlanta – Call Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

I recommend that you take the time to have your system evaluated and maintained at least once a year, to make certain that your capacitors are in good shape and do not need replacing.  Call Empire Heating and Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 for your HVAC system maintenance in the metro Atlanta area.

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