Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing in Atlanta

If your heating and air conditioning ductwork runs through your attic, basement or crawlspace – it is very important to have your ducts sealed. The two main reasons for sealing your ducts are to prevent air loss and to prevent contaminated air entrainment.

The first reason to seal your ducts is to prevent conditioned air from leaving the duct system before it reaches the living space of your home. As your heating and air conditioning system turns on the fan creates a positive pressure on the supply side of the ductwork (the ducts that blow air in the room). This higher pressure can cause conditioned air to exit the ductwork before it reaches it final destination in the living space. This air leakage causes the system to run longer, hot or cold rooms and much higher energy costs. Sealing the ductwork eliminates this air leakage and means that all the conditioned air blows into the room. Duct sealing can help your system be more efficient, eliminate hot or cold rooms and extend the life of your system, as it will run less.

The second reason to seal your ducts is to prevent unhealthy air from entering your home. Just as the fan creates a positive pressure on the supply side of the duct system, it creates a negative pressure on the return ductwork (the ducts that suck air from the room). This negative pressure causes air from the attic, crawlspace or basement to enter the air supply and consequently contaminate the indoor air. Sealing your ductwork prevents the contaminated air from being sucked into the ductwork through gaps and cracks.

Another air phenomenon can actually cause air to be sucked in on the high-pressure supply side of the ducts. This is known as the venturi effect. As high-pressure air passes across a gap or crack in the duct system, it can actually suck air into the air supply.

In some cases, contaminated indoor air from leaking ducts can be detected by a moldy smell in your home or a black accumulation on your air registers. To see if your duct system would be a good candidate for duct sealing, give Empire Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 404-294-0900. A technician will come out and make recommendations to improve your indoor air quality and comfort.