Ductless Split Systems Explained

Ductless Split Systems Atlanta

Ductless split systems are the “problem solvers” of the Atlanta HVAC industry. Why? Simple. Generally these are stand-alone systems, without ductwork, consisting of copper and electrical connections. Ductless split systems are more efficient than standard air conditioning and heating systems. In fact, a single outdoor condenser can service numerous indoor units.

The systems also “solve” in the sense that split systems come in many configurations, including high sidewall, console, and recessed configurations. They solve just about any application problem or situation you may face in your home or building.

Ductless Split Systems – Solutions

Empire Heating and Air Conditioning uses a variety of products for air conditioning and heating split systems. The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim products are particularly effective and efficient, handling many types of special applications. Versatility is the key. If you are finishing an attic, adding a sun room, building a workshop, or upgrading a computer room, we can help. We can handle it for you.

Ductless split systems are the ultimate “spot” conditioner. They are great for secluded areas. In addition, most units also double as a heat pump, meaning they can heat in winter and cool in summer. They require a small indoor and outdoor unit, but few installation technicalities. Empire HVAC handles these jobs efficiently and correctly in no time!

Mini split systems are small in size, and this makes zoning hassle free, you can heat or cool an area without focusing on the unit itself, or large amounts of thick conduit. When expanding, these systems are a no-brainer. They can be used in addition to regular heating and air, which are employed for other rooms.

Your Atlanta Ductless Split Systems Dealer – Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

Let Empire Heating and Air Conditioning find out if a ductless split system would solve issues in your home in the Atlanta area. Our experienced heating and air installers will be glad to weigh all the pros and cons with you in-person. Our aim is to satisfy you, our client.  Call us at 404-294-0900 for your appointment.  Empire recently received the Diamond Dealer status from Mitsubishi.  Click here to read about our accomplishment and how our knowledge could help solve your home comfort issues.

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