Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Installation

Do you own a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla or other electric-powered vehicle?  Are you purchasing one soon? If so, this article will interest you. You can save yourself an awful lot of time with just a little effort. How is this done? By simply installing a 230 volt car battery charger unit (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)) in the garage.  It’s easy and our staff can help you. We just assisted our client, Dr. Tim Roth, in this manner, at his request.

Benefits – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Electric vehicles, such as the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, are generally sold with a standard 120 volt car charger. While adequate and somewhat compact and functional, these chargers typically require 12 hours to completely recharge a battery. That’s a full day or night. In many cases, this is cutting it close for drivers, especially busy owners that are on tight schedules.

Contrarily, a 230 volt hardwired car charging station can completely recharge a battery in 4 hours. Amazing! This is a time savings of 8 hours (a workday). That is really incredible.

The car can be fully ready to roll in practically no time after being hooked-up. No waiting. No worry. No fear of unforeseen emergencies coming at the wrong time. Yes, 230 volt charging station installations provide piece of mind and readiness.

Dr. Roth said “I’m still so excited over his new EVSE because it has saved me so much time when recharging with the more powerful Level 2 device.   Not to mention the Georgia state tax rebates that are still available for the hardware and installation costs.  It pays for itself in no time.  Some dealers will throw in a Level 2 charger in addition to the typical 110v that comes with the electric vehicle.”

Summary Regarding Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

You might consider this 230 volt charging option, as recent clients have done. You’ll most-likely find, as they did, that the 230 volt hardwired station makes great practical sense. In the long-run, time saved equates to money earned, as the old cliché attests. Right?

Sometimes certain upgrades and actions just make great sense. Installing a 230 volt car charging unit is one of these times. It doesn’t take long, and the minimal investment is well worth it. It can happen for you!

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