Supplements to Consider when Replacing Your Furnace

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furnace replacement atlanta ga

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Deciding to replace your furnace? There are some additions you may want to consider to ensure your home comfort as well as improved heating system efficiency. When deciding which supplements will be best for your property, always consider the long term savings and reduced maintenance that can result.

Top Heating System Supplements

  • Humidifier: Home and office heating systems can often leave the circulated air feeling dry. This dryness can cause sinus pain, headaches, and even dry skin. Adding a humidifier to your furnace system not only relieves these bothersome symptoms, it also allows your furnace to run more efficiently. Humidifiers release water particles into the air, these particles are conductors of heat. When a property is well humidified, the furnace works less to heat up the environment and temp setting can be set lower since warm air lingers longer.
  • Chimney Liner: A chimney liner should be replaced or installed to ensure safe venting of a furnace or hot water heater. Improved venting systems can extend the life of your HVAC components.
  • Digital Thermostats: These thermostats can control multiple zones with the touch of a button. They can also be programmed to raise or lower your furnace output to save energy when you are not home. The programming feature also allows the system to turn on at specific times to ensure your home is comfortable when you return.
  • Air Filters and/or Air Purifiers: Air filter and purifier technology has come a long way. Many new systems last a lifetime and rid your home of allergens, dust and dirt particles, pet hair, and other contaminates. Replacing your air filtration system during a new furnace installation is ideal.

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