How Your Fur-Baby Can Impact Your HVAC Unit

Having a pet gives one the joys of having a child without all the emotional backlash. No cost is too great if it means a tail wag or a bad-breath kiss. Bringing a pet into your home for the first time is one of the greatest moments in your life. Watching your little four-legged friend explore and become familiar with your abode will warm any heart. However, it’s important to consider how your pet is affecting your home, specifically its utilities.

pets and your hvac unit

Keep long-haired pets well groomed.

If your breed has luscious long hair, then you know that everything you own reminds you of your furbaby (because there’s fur everywhere). Keeping on top of shedding is not only good for your clothes and furniture, but also will give your AC unit a break. Pets that shed often will lead to more frequent filter changes for your AC.

Monitor chewing and clawing habits.

The insulation and ductwork found in basements and crawl spaces is a playground for cats. They enjoy exercising their claws by tearing through it. This can cause condensation to drip from the ductwork. Keep your cat happy and save on repair costs by preventing access to insulation and maybe investing in a scratch post.

Outdoor units are prime picking for puppies. When they’re in their chewing phase, you really need to monitor them. They like to eat through the black insulation on the copper line, as well as the wiring itself that connects to the unit. Not only is this a hazard to your pet, but it also is damaging for your outdoor HVAC unit.

The outdoor unit is not a toilet!

Large male dogs especially will choose your outdoor HVAC unit as their own personal urinal. This can greatly decrease the longevity and life of your unit. The best option is to create a barrier between your dog and the machine. Building a small gated fence around the unit is a good solution to preventing wear and tear.

Calling a local heating and air conditioning service is always a good decision when you’re starting out as a pet parent and dealing with damages to your home’s utilities. Schedule a checkup with Empire HVAC today! 404.294.0900