Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary Every Year?

tech working on AC unitWhen you live in a climate as we have here in Georgia, you rely on your air conditioning system for a good portion of the year. Your AC works hard to keep your home and family comfortable, no matter how hot it might get outdoors. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to make sure it’s operating effectively and efficiently, and the best way to do that is by getting it the maintenance it needs.

You might be wondering, though, if annual maintenance for your air conditioning system is really necessary. In this article, we’ll talk about air conditioning maintenance, and how it benefits both your system and your home. We’ll explain why annual maintenance is so important, and how Empire can help. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Seasonal AC Maintenance

At Empire, we encourage our customers to choose annual maintenance for their air conditioning systems. We want to help ensure that your AC system provides you with both effective and efficient cooling, year after year. Here are just a few reasons why we always suggest to our customers that they get air conditioning maintenance every spring:

  1. System Efficiency: As we mentioned above, your AC system works hard to keep your home cool. To do so, it needs to use a lot of energy. When your system gets dirty, it can become less efficient, and that can mean higher utility bills. Getting annual system maintenance helps keep your system clean and operating more efficiently.
  2. More Effective Cooling: This goes hand-in-hand with system efficiency. A dirty system not only uses more energy to keep your home cool, it also may not work as effectively. You might notice that it runs more often, or that there is uneven cooling throughout your home. Maintenance helps keep it running properly, so you and your family can enjoy better comfort.
  3. Warranty Maintenance: Most air conditioning manufacturers require regular maintenance as a condition of keeping the warranty intact. Failure to get annual maintenance for your system could result in the warranty being voided. And that could mean out-of-pocket expenses for you if your system needs expensive repairs or replacement.
  4. Longer Equipment Life: It just stands to reason that a properly maintained air conditioning system will last longer than a neglected one. Annual maintenance not only ensures that your system will get the tune-up and cleaning it needs; it will help identify any small repairs that need to be made before they become larger, or worse, lead to premature failure.
  5. Better Indoor Air Quality: Your AC system collects dust and dirt, which builds up inside your system. The air circulating through your system carries those particles throughout your home, which can make the air you breathe unpleasant. By making sure your system is free of contaminants and particles on an annual basis, you’ll help ensure that the air flowing through your AC is cleaner and fresher.

I need to schedule maintenance for my air conditioning system. Can Empire help?

As you can see, getting your air conditioning system the annual maintenance it needs is important. You can rely on Empire Heating & Air Conditioning to help. We are pleased to offer professional air conditioning maintenance services, as well as planned maintenance agreements, that will help you and your family stay comfortable all summer long, no matter how hot it gets outside. Call us at 404-294-0900 or contact us online today!