Why New HVAC Systems Make Sense

New HVAC Systems Atlanta

New HVAC systems in Atlanta make good sense, and are almost always a smart idea. Why? The reasons are multiple. At the very least, a new HVAC system will pay for itself in a matter of years (via huge energy cost savings) and if you replace your current heating and air conditioning system before the end of 2013 with one of the more efficient models, you should qualify for up to a $500 tax credit.

Uncle Sam wants Americans to conserve energy and be more friendly to the environment, and actually now rewards people that replace their current HVAC units with more efficient ones. New HVAC systems in Atlanta qualify. In fact, the R-22 refrigerant in most older units is being phased out completely anyway. Modernization will become necessary. Why not take advantage of the incentives immediately?

Atlanta’s Best American Standard Platinum System

Apart from the financial incentives for replacing your current HVAC system or HVAC unit, think about the improved air quality and increased indoor comfort newer units provide. This is 2013. Technology has advanced. Moisture/humidity control has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Empire Heating and Air Conditioning recommends American Standard’s Platinum series for the best comfort and humidity control. For far less energy consumption, you can assume that you will get far more comfort from a new air conditioning/heating system. Bank on it. In fact, you probably do not have a clue what you are missing out on now. Mold and mildew no longer have a chance! Breathe easier by replacing your air conditioning unit today with a two-stage system.

Another reason why a new HVAC unit makes sense is that today’s systems think for themselves, and can maintain an even temperature and air flow to all rooms at once. There is no longer any need to constantly readjust the main thermostat to vary room air inputs. One less hassle while indoors, right?

Your Atlanta HVAC Service Company – Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning – your Atlanta HVAC service company – soon. Replacing your heating and air conditioning system might just be a better idea than you think. Most units even come with great warranties. Make that phone call to 404-294-0900 soon.

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