Steps to a Heating System Tuneup

Heating System Tuneup

Not only do heating system tuneups keep your HVAC unit in good working condition, but they also keep it functioning efficiently. This saves you money two ways – you lengthen the life of your unit and you pay lower monthly utility bills because efficient heating uses up less energy.

While regular tuneups are important, a heating system tuneup is not something we recommend you do on your own because of the steps involved in the process.

1. Visual Inspection

The HVAC technician will first check the fuel jets to make sure they are functioning properly. He or she will turn your system to heat and turn it off again. The venting system is then given a closer inspection to make sure everything is well sealed and in good condition. The venting system eliminates flue gases to prevent build-up.

2. Filter Check

The technician will then remove the furnace cover in order to check the filters and the mechanical parts of your heating system. A determination will be made if the filters or any of the mechanical parts need to be replaced or cleaned.

3. Blower Check

To make sure your furnace functions efficiently, the technician will make sure your furnace’s blower is in good condition and there are no obstructions. For some types of furnaces, the blower motor requires periodic lubrication.

In addition, the inspector will verify proper amp draw of the blower motor and clean blower wheels.

4. Cleaning the Burners

Our team will inspect the burners and interior section of the furnace. The furnace chamber is checked for holes, rust and weakened or separated seams. The inspector will verify proper operation of the burners.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detection

Empire HVAC technicians carry around a ‘CO Angel’ that will constantly monitor for Carbon Monoxide. The Angel surveys the air wherever the technician goes and will notify him if something harmful is detected.

6. Reassembly and Safety Check

When the parts are once again reassembled inside the furnace, the technician conducts a safety check to make sure that your heating system is functioning properly.

Take advantage of our heating system tuneup for fall – just $89 for the first system and $79 for any additional system at the same address. If your heating system should fail after completing our fall tuneup, we will deduct the cost of the tuneup from your repair bill.

As a long-standing heating and air conditioning service provider in Atlanta, we have the knowledge to undertake a variety of heating and cooling repairs, including furnace tuneups and AC replacement. Contact us today to schedule a tuneup for your heating system.

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