Boilers Service & Repair in Atlanta, GA

Martin Hoover – Owner of Empire Heating & Air Conditioning

Early in my career I fell in love with hydronic heating systems. We service and install Boilers, steam or hot water, radiators and radiant floor tubing systems. While these systems aren’t all that prevalent here in the Atlanta area those that grew up with it really miss the silent, gentle, moist, even heating that the more common forced air systems just can’t compete with.

New 90% afue High Efficiency BoilerRecent developments have really helped improve the effectiveness and efficiency of hydronic systems. Boilers are much more efficient and many can be vented with PVC directly to the outside increasing the opportunities to install a boiler.

I like the look of the old fashioned radiators with the intricate scroll and detail work but if that isn’t your style manufacturers like Burnham, Myson and Vernon have some sleek modern designs.

Boilers – Service & Repair

Empire services both hydronic and steam boiler systems. Most companies in Atlanta just aren’t interested in boilers because they are quite a bit different from the typical heater and there aren’t many in town. I learned how to work with boilers as a teenager and have always enjoyed working on them. Over the years we have hired several technicians who also appreciate them and have helped train our younger technicians. If you have boiler heating give us a call for great service from folks who appreciate what terrific systems they can be.

When you decide it’s time to replace or upgrade your system or need an HVAC repair we will be glad to come out help you choose the best system for your application. Estimates and basic design services are free and most of the year can be arranged same day. Schedule an appointment or give us a call at 404-294-0900.

We look forward to serving you.