Custom HVAC Installations

From a simple replacement system to building out a new space the key to comfort and efficiency with a new heating and cooling system is all about the proper design and installation. Unlike some other appliances that are just set in place and turned on, a heating and cooling system is a set of components that must be properly matched and installed so that all they all work together in order to perform properly.

At Empire Heating and Air Conditioning we are diligent in keeping up with current energy codes and best practices.

Some of the key differences you will find in an Empire installation are:

  • Existing duct systems are evaluated to insure there is adequate airflow.
  • New duct systems are designed for full flow, sealed and tested.
  • Safety switches are added to drain lines to protect your property.
  • Overflow pans with additional safety switches are used when equipment is above or adjacent to finished spaces.
  • Micrometer testing of all new refrigerant piping to ensure proper dehydration and a leak free seal.
  • Nitrogen purge during brazing to keep the refrigerant circuit clean and pure.

Empire’s Comfort Specialists are well trained and experienced in making sure we deliver a custom installation of your heating and air conditioning system that satisfies your comfort and health requirements and saves you money. Estimates for new and replacement equipment are always free. Just call 404-294-0900 or schedule your appointment online.Custom Installation