The Best HVAC Brand for Your Home: Daikin

Empire HVAC offers top-quality products to improve your home. We stay ahead of the game by staying well-stocked with the latest and greatest HVAC technologies. We are proud to add the Daikin brand to our growing list of renowned home systems.
Daikin Fit Technology

Daikin is the #1 air conditioning company in the world, offering a wide array of conventional heating and cooling equipment. They are well-known for their top quality products, which are covered by some of the best warranties in the industry, including a 12 year unit replacement warranty of certain products.

These affordable, energy saving systems are compact and have practically nonexistent noise levels. Daikin’s FIT and LIFE units have entered Empire HVAC’s list of systems that we offer installation and maintenance for. These two unique and ground-breaking home systems are perfect for any home.

The Daikin FIT

The Daikin FIT is a unit specifically built for the residential replacement market. This product offersvariable speed technology for an affordable price and is built for easy install as a replacement for your existing systems. This unit far exceeds others in efficiency, comfort and price for a typical residential upgrade.

One of the very unique aspects of the Daikin FIT is the condenser, which is not the typical square shape you see in other units. This one is narrower and wider with a horizontal airflow, which allows the outdoor unit to take up much less space and be installed in convenient spaces like beneath decks and overhangs. When you’re looking for a high efficiency replacement to your existing heating and cooling system, there is no better option than the Daikin FIT.

The Daikin LIFE

The Daikin LIFE unit is also unique to the market. This system can allow a single outdoor unit to connectDaikin Life Unit to multiple indoor units and uses variable speed technology to supply only the capacity needed to handle the space conditions where each unit is located.

This truly groundbreaking system can handle a conventional forced air system plus a combination of up to 15 additional ductless or mini ducted indoor units. This can offer extreme advantages to spaces that have multiple systems and the need to condition a sun room or basement, while staying independent of other home systems. Empire’s comfort advisors are well versed on the application of Daikin LIFE systems and are available for free design and consultation of new equipment. Call now to learn more! 404-294-0900

Upgrade your current HVAC system with an affordable brand that will improve your home life! Daikin products are well-known for their affordability, convenient size, and low noise levels. These systems will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home with little to no noise while taking up less space than conventional systems. Choose Empire for your Daikin system installation and maintenance! 404-294-0900