Air Conditioner Repair Solutions For Common AC Problems

HVAC Repair: What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

Owning a home and managing the associated maintenance issues can seem like a daunting task; that is unless you know what to expect and how to manage issues as they arise. One of the major repair issues that homeowners often face surrounds faulty appliances. As a homeowner, you may find yourself with a non-working air conditioner and no idea what to do. Follow the tips below for addressing common HVAC repair issues.

DIY Solutions

One major thing can keep you from needing a costly repair call or can keep you from having issues at all: changing the filter regularly. Dirt, pet hair, and other debris can clog the filter and the HVAC unit, potentially causing multiple problems, including the ice on the lines, freezing of the outdoor HVAC unit, and no air circulation despite the outdoor unit working properly. Follow the instructions on changing the particular filter you purchase, but keep in mind if you have multiple pets or other environmental issues that could cause the filter to clog,  then you may need to change the filter more often than the filter directions state.
Other than a filter issue, there are 5 main issues that you might have with your air conditioner if it’s not working:

  • Outdoor unit doesn’t start at all
  • Fan does not run, even though the unit starts up (hums)
  • Fan runs, but compressor does not
  • Outdoor unit runs, but air does not circulate inside
  • Ice on the lines

There are other issues that you may run across if your air conditioning unit stops working, but these are the most common. Keep in mind that there are multiple reasons that any of these issues could occur.

The outdoor fan not starting could be caused by something as simple as the unit not having power. Therefore, it may not be an issue with the actual air conditioning unit itself. You may have a defective breaker, the low voltage wires may have gotten damaged (often by small animals), or a wire could be burned off at the contact. This issue could also be caused by a defective contactor, thermostat, or transformer. If the unit does not power on, always check connections and breakers before searching for any other possible repairs.

HVAC Repair Professionals

Here are some issues and problems you should leave to your HVAC Repair Professionals.  When the fan isn’t running, even though the unit is on and making noise, it could be due to a defective fan motor or capacitor. The compressor not running could be caused by an overload due to the unit needing a refrigerant charge, the condenser coil being dirty, a defective run capacitor, or a burned wire. Air not circulating inside indicates the fan is not running properly and could be due to a defective blower motor, capacitor, or fan center, as well as a dirty filter, evaporator core, or a burned off wire. Ice on the lines could be caused by a defective blower motor or blower motor capacitor, dirty evaporator or filter, as well as the unit being low on refrigerant. These potential issues should be properly diagnosed by a HVAC repair professional in order to receive the proper care and attention required.