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Today the “thermal envelopes” of homes and buildings are required to be tighter and a higher R rated insulation is required. This is a great solution for reducing energy costs but it can also mean dirty indoor air. The better sealing of a home means less opportunity for air contaminants to move outside the structure.

Since opening the windows and removing your home’s insulation would create higher energy costs, the most popular solution is to remove the contaminants from the indoor air through filtration. The good news is that there are extremely efficient filtration systems available that work with your home’s existing heating and air conditioning to continually clean the indoor air. In fact, some filtration systems can remove as much as 99.7% of indoor air contaminants.

There are basically three different options in filtration for effectively cleaning the indoor air.

The first option is though high efficiency filter media. These filters use highly engineered media material that will eliminate air contaminants down to .3 microns. For comparison, the width of a human hair is 70 microns. These filters use a large surface area through multiple large folds in the material to remove contaminants and provide sufficient airflow.

The second option is through electronic air cleaners. These filters use electricity, which ionizes the incoming air with a small negative electric charge. The solids in the air that were ionized then cling to a metal wire that has a positive charge placed on it. These filters are also very effective at cleaning the indoor air while also providing sufficient airflow.

The third option is a hybrid of the first two. This hybrid uses electricity to ionize the incoming air with a negative charge and then passes the air across a high efficient media that has a positive charge applied to it through he use of a non toxic chemical coating. The contaminants in the air then are both trapped by the media and are attracted to the media through electricity.

In addition to cleaning the indoor air, these filtration systems also extend the life of your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment. By filtering out dust, dirt and skin dander, these filters stop these materials from accumulating on motors, blowers and coils. When you systems motors and blowers are covered in dust, they are unable to eliminate heat, which results in overheating. As a result, the dust absorbs the lubricating oil. When your coils are coated with dust, the heat exchange capacity is reduced which lowers the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and severe air restrictions can cause your air conditioner to freeze up.

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