Indoor Zone Control Systems

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Zone control systems allow multiple thermostats to control a single heating or cooling system, so you can have a specific temperature in whatever room or area of the home. Many homeowners do not realize that a single HVAC system can actually control different parts of the home at the same time. These multi-zone systems allow office spaces, roommates, or family members to adjust the temperature to their unique level of comfort.

HVAC Home Zone ControlA zone control system uses motorized dampers to divert airflow to the desired spaces. This allows multiple rooms to be set at different indoor temperatures without needing separate heating or cooling units. A properly designed zone control system will make sure your building’s HVAC unit has proper airflow into each area, allowing room-specific temperature control that you can even operate from a smartphone device with Nexia Home Automation tools.
Why should you get an HVAC system with zone control in your home? There are tons of energy-saving and cost-cutting advantages of a zone control system and here are just a few:

  • Zone Temperature ControlTemperature adjustment based on personal preference. Different rooms can have distinct air conditioner settings.
  • Save money by reducing the heating or cooling costs in areas of the home you don’t use very often. Cut down on your monthly energy bill by using air conditioning where you need it most.
  • System requires easy, one-day installation with a certified HVAC professional.
  • Zone control offers long-term reliability, so that you can always find the right indoor temperature during cold winter months and humid Atlanta summers.

Zone control systems are used in all types of homes, but they are most commonly found in homes with basement refinishing or remodeling, rooms with large glass windows and ambient heat, upstairs and downstairs temperature difference, multi-level floors and garages, and rooms with large vaulted ceilings that have uneven heating.


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