Atlanta Water Heaters

Save 25% on New Water Heaters in metro Atlanta Georgia

Did you know that water heater operation costs are usually in the top five energy expenses for homeowners in the Atlanta area? The good news is that there are new water heaters available that are extremely efficient which will save you money when you choose to replace your old water heater.

Water heater technology has advanced producing state of the art units with indestructible poly blended tanks that are tuff. The new water heater units have insulation that locks in heat never letting it escape into the wasted air space around it. The new water heater units have next generation electronic controls that cycle heating systems on and off at just the precise moment ensuring perfect temperature water every minute without wasting not even one BTU.

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning installs state of the art water heaters in homes all across Atlanta everyday. Take a moment and look at your water heater. Does it look old, dusty and rusty? If so, take advantage of our White Sale going on in February. Empire Heating & Air Conditioning is offering a new Bradford White Water Heater installed for only $896 (with standard installation), which is a savings of 25%. Bradford White water heaters have a long reputation for great quality and dependability.

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning recently wrote an article about Rheem Marathon water heaters.  Please click here to read about that water heater installation.

To save money on replacing your home’s water heater in the metro Atlanta area, contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 to save 25% during our White Sale or click here to fill out the appointment request online.

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