Coil Cleaning Conundrum

AC coil cleaningDuring the hottest part of the year, it is easy to forget just how much strain is put on your air conditioning unit while it works as hard as it can to keep up with the demand requested from it. While most of the time your system is working well, things like dust, grime, dirt, leaves, and even animals can get into the outdoor coil and inhibit its ability to transfer heat. While some companies might simply spray the system down with water and call it clean, we here at Empire Heating and Air Conditioning follow the best practices model simply to do it right every time.

If you have a dirty outdoor coil it reduces the capacity and efficiency of the whole air conditioning system. One example is that the higher operating pressures will put additional strain on your compressor. Without the proper airflow, the head pressure inside the unit skyrockets, causing high readings for the technician checking the system and increasing the risk of your unit having problems in the future. This simple problem can cause many kinds of emergency repairs, from blown capacitors all the way up to a failing compressor.

We first clean out any sizable amount of debris that has collected inside the bottom of the unit, ensuring better airflow in the future. We then spray the unit down with water, to knock the most sizeable pieces of debris off. Then we add our coil cleaning chemical agent, which foams like hydrogen peroxide and emits heat and steam as it eats away at all the dirt and grime caught up between the metal fins on your coil. After thoroughly spraying down the inside and outside of the coil, and allowing the chemical reaction to fully clean every crack and crevice, we thoroughly rinse it off again and ensure no harsh chemicals are left behind. Finally, we add a Teflon spray to the inlet side of the coil to help reduce any more grime from accumulating for the foreseeable future!

All these steps, performed by Empire’s NATE certified technicians, help to ensure the efficiency of your unit, as well as potentially extending your systems dependable life cycle. With all these benefits, and little to no downside, it is easy to see why Empire recommends coil cleanings when needed during all times of the year. By eliminating a potential problem before it becomes one, everyone wins, and you get to rest easy knowing that your dirty coil is no longer a concern thanks to Empire.

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