Do you need a humidifier?

Honeywell Steam HumidifierA humidifier is an accessory that can be easily added to your home’s heating and air conditioning system. But why do you need one? When the outside air begins to drop in temperature, your home’s central comfort system will automatically start heating the air inside your home so that you stay warm on those frosty days. As the heating system warms the indoor air, a by-product is that it also lowers the relative humidity. The greater the temperature difference between the outdoor air and your home’s indoor air, the drier your home will be on the inside.

Problems Caused by Dry Air Inside Your Home

This lower relative humidity indoor air begins to quickly dry out everything in your home. Some of the symptoms for your home include wood that shrinks such as trim, hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture and more. If you notice gaps appearing in your wood, the most likely culprit is severely dry indoor air. Another home symptom is static electricity. When your indoor air becomes too dry, you will start feeling that shock as you touch metal objects in your home.

The lower humidity also dries you and your family’s skin, nasal passages, sinuses, and eyes. Common signs that the air in your home is too dry include worsened allergy symptoms, frequent colds, respiratory sickness, sore throats, dry mouth, dry skin, frequent coughs and nose bleeds. Now, you are wondering how to correct the low humidity problem inside your home?

How to Fix Dry Air Inside Your House

The good news is that it’s a very simple problem to fix. A whole house humidifier will quickly solve the problem. Whole house units are much easier to operate than portable units that you typically buy at the large retail stores. A whole house humidifier does not require filling heavy reservoirs with water, cleaning out moldy water tanks or cleaning up messy water spills. A licensed HVAC professional installs the whole house humidifier as an attachment to your home’s heating and air conditioning system which operates 24 hours a day without any effort on your part.

The whole house humidifier is mounted on your home’s HVAC unit and uses a humidistat that is very similar to the thermostat your home currently uses to adjust the air temperature. The humidistat monitors the humidity levels and when they drop below the desired set point, the humidifier will turn on and begin adding moisture to the air. The humidifier runs until the humidity level reaches the desired setting and then it shuts off. All of this happens automatically, so it’s as simple as set the humidistat and forget about it.

Benefits of Indoor Humidifiers in Decatur, GA

woman wrapped in a blanket and smilingAfter the humidifier is installed, instantly you will reap the benefits. Your home’s delicate woodwork, artwork, and furnishings will begin to stabilize and stop the very harmful shrinking and swelling that normally occurs between the heating and air conditioning seasons.

You and your family will begin to feel better after worsened allergy symptoms, frequent colds, respiratory sickness, sore throats, dry mouth, dry skin, frequent coughs and nose bleeds disappear. You will wake up feeling better than you have in a long time.

The best part of your new humidifier is that once the relative humidity of your home’s indoor air is raised back to a normal level, the air in your home will feel warmer. Many people report that they change their heating thermostat set point 2-3 degrees cooler after the installation of a humidifier. This lower heat set point results in much lower energy costs to heat your home. In fact the lower energy cost will more than offset the cost of installing the whole home humidifier.

Installing a whole home humidifier not only makes sense to improve your indoor air quality, but it very quickly begins to put money in your pocket every winter month. With the rapidly rising cost of energy, installing a whole house humidifier just makes sense.

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