What To Look for When Shopping for Thermostats

As a successful Atlanta HVAC company, we have assisted our customers with a variety of heating and air conditioning repairs through the years and have shared many practical tips and useful information about different HVAC products and services. If you’re thinking about buying a new programmable thermostat for your home, continue reading below to know what you should look for before you make your decision. Keep in mind that using a programmable thermostat properly and consistently can lower your heating and cooling bills by as much as 20 percent.


There are several programmable thermostats that are on the market today. To avoid getting confused, determine the level of customization you need and compare only the thermostats that give you the customization features you want. No matter how advanced or “cool” the features on other thermostats may be, if you end up not using them, they offer you no added benefit.

If you have a fairly consistent schedule, perhaps all you need is a programmable thermostat with a dual setting – one for weekdays and another for the weekends. You might need a thermostat with additional setting options if you have an inconsistent schedule or one that changes from one week to the next.

Touch Screens

For ease of programming and use, choose a thermostat with a modern touch screen. If you constantly have to reprogram your thermostat because of your varying schedule, this feature makes it simple for you to do so.

Smart Features

Some thermostats remind you when it’s time to change the air filters in your heating system or let you know when there is some kind of malfunction in other parts of the system. Other units emit a signal when their battery is running low much like the smoke detectors in your house do. Use these smart features to maintain a comfortable and constant home environment for you and your family.

No matter what type of heating and cooling repairs you need assistance with, call us. We have highly skilled and professional technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to find the right HVAC solution for your home or business. We can also help you determine the HVAC replacement cost for your residential or commercial property. As long-time heating and air conditioning specialists, we are committed to providing you with a comfortable indoor environment that is safe, efficient and ideal for you and your family.

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