Is Radiant Flooring for You?

radiant floorigAs far as discomfort goes, few things compare to stepping onto a cold bathroom floor upon waking up in the morning. The chill is enough to make any of us cringe!

To this we offer an inexpensive solution that will stop you from wearing fuzzy slippers around the house once and for all,   and can also give your home’s equity a notable boost — radiant floor heating.

Radiant Floor Heating: An Investment in Comfort

Although it can seem like a miracle, the technology behind these systems is fairly simple and easy to understand. Believe it or not, floor heating systems have been around for hundreds of years, albeit in various forms. In essence, the heat from a particular source is distributed across the floor, which serves to keep occupants cozy and comfortable.

Traditional hydronic systems contain a lot of moving parts (e.g. water heaters, pumps, manifolds, etc.) and are thus very expensive to operate. Thankfully, their modern electronic counterparts make the installation process a lot easier and more feasible for the average homeowner. They consist of a series of thin heating cables that are placed directly underneath ceramic tile and provide consistently uniform heat distribution.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of radiant heating is its high comfort level. Unlike forced air systems, the heat is evenly spaced out across the floor, in effect getting rid of hot and cold spots. Just like whole-home radiant heat systems, those installed beneath your floor are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not spread harmful airborne contaminants. This can dramatically improve the air quality in your home and is a must for anyone who suffers from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

The efficiency of radiant floor heating cannot be overstated either. Whereas traditional forced air systems generate up to 30 percent in heat loss due to their duct line network, none of the heat produced via the floor is wasted. In addition, you need not worry about noisy blower motors or unsightly standing radiators. Silent and aesthetically pleasing, floor heating is quickly becoming the best thing in the residential heating and air service field. Ask the professionals at Empire Heating and Air today about an on-site consultation today!

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