HVAC Maintenance Program

Atlanta GA's Air Conditioning Service

Keith, one of Empire’s most skilled technicians, brazing pipes

A well-maintained machine performs at higher efficiency, providing more dependable and longer lasting service than a machine that has been neglected. That’s why a planned maintenance agreement with Empire Heating and Air Conditioning is an inexpensive way to properly maintain your equipment. Proper maintenance will assure you that your manufacturer’s warranty will be honored in the event that your equipment needs to be replaced within the warranty period.

We offer substantial discounts to our customers who make a commitment to maintain their equipment. This includes parts and labor savings of 20 percent (even on emergency service). This is just part of our standard maintenance agreement.

Here’s a small list of the many reasons to get a maintenance agreement from your Atlanta HVAC company:

1) Labor Discounts: Maintenance agreement customers receive a reduced diagnostic fee, along with a full 20 percent discount on service labor.

2) Priority Service: Maintenance agreement customers receive priority scheduling over non-maintenance customers.

3) Written Report: Maintenance agreement customers will receive a written report after each inspection that will detail the work performed and work recommended for continued dependability and efficiency.

4) Equipment Maintenance Inspection: This service includes thermostat calibration, overall cleanliness of system, electrical controls, total external static pressure, heat anticipation setting and much more.

5) Repair Discount: Maintenance customers get a 20 percent discount of parts and labor as listed in our customer assurance pricing guide.

6) Peace of Mind: Discounts and inspections are great, but as a premier HVAC service provider in Atlanta, Empire is a company you can count on for top quality results.

We offer 24/7-emergency service to our planned maintenance customers only. With an Empire Heating and Air Conditioning Planned Maintenance Program,  you can feel secure knowing that your heating and cooling needs will be met day or night, weekday or weekend.