Summer Vacation Tips


Vacation Advice for your Home

What are some great summer vacation tips for Atlanta residents, or Georgians in general? What vacation advice should Atlantans take to heart concerning their homes while away? This short piece will give you a number of common sense summer vacation tips, but without application, they mean nothing.

First of all, do not broadcast to anyone (except those that must absolutely know) that you will be away. Under no circumstances announce your wonderful upcoming trip on Facebook or Twitter. To do so is asking to be robbed. It has happened hundreds of times already. This is the most important summer vacation tip to adhere to.

Secondly, another vacation tip related to your home is to keep on the lights that you normally would have on at night, or at least hook them up to a timer. Make all appearances seem ordinary. By the same token, let a small battery-operated radio run in a bedroom or bathroom. You want people to think someone is there.

Additional Summer Vacation Tips related to your Home

A third summer vacation tip is to make certain that all doors and windows (and garage doors) are completely locked. Double-check them. In fact, put tools and things inside against carport doors, chairs against sliding doors, and boxes behind front and side doors so that as much noise as possible would be made by an intruder (and might scare-off him or her).

Fourthly, a bit more realistic and practical threat is that of fire while you are away. Unplug all unnecessary appliances and entertainment features, even hair dryers and televisions. Why risk a shortage when you are not there – right? Don’t forget the coffee pot and stove.

A fifth idea is to deal with your water supply system. Turn the hot water heater down to vacation or low status, and just go ahead and turn off your main water supply. If that valve is hard to get to, close the valves on individual sinks and toilets. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Sixth, tell a very close friend or associate to keep a check on your home while on vacation, or even to move around your second car every two or so days. They should also check your mail and get your newspapers, or else you should have each stopped during your absence. Borrow their yard dog if you have a fenced-in yard! Some people do. These are real clever vacation tips!

Lastly, make certain to cut back your home thermostat and unhook your computer! Take care and have a great vacation before the summer is over! This is Empire Heating and Air Conditioning’s home vacation advice to you.

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