Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Broken AC Unit

Air conditioners are one of the things many people cannot live without during the hot summers. This is especially true for homeowners here in Atlanta. An air conditioner blowing out warm air may seem the same as a dysfunctional unit on a slow summer’s day. For a quick fix, you can contact us at Empire Heating & Air to get your perfect summer days back on track. However, even with help of on the way, it is important to know what causes an air conditioner to blow warm air.

Common Reasons Your AC May Be Blowing Warm Air

  • Adjusted setting – Before jumping to extreme conclusions, it is always important to check on the small details such as the thermostat settings. It is human to forget about small changes made, or maybe the settings have been changed by someone else leading to the warm air. If this is the case, simply change back the setting to cold and the air conditioning will adjust back to cold air.
  • Worn-out compressor – The compressor makes up part of the exterior air conditioning and it enables the refrigerant to move, ensuring proper cooling. It is housed in the outdoor unit. As a general rule, regular maintenance checks should be carried out by professionals.
  • Condenser is clogged – Check the condenser to make sure it is not covered with dirt or dust. Many times the unit may blow out warm air due to accumulation of dirt on the condenser coils. If the condenser is the problem, a quick cleaning should help solve the problem. The process of cleaning the condenser, though not technical, may at times require a technician so give us a call if you need a hand.
  • Restricted airflow – It is good practice always to set up a maintenance plan with your local HVAC, as this will ensure that air filter is always clean. A dirty air filter can clog up the condenser coils causing the air conditioner to freeze. In this case, the hot air may be because the air conditioner is not functional at all.
  • Reduced amount of refrigerant or R-22 – When units are a little low on refrigerant, they can ice up and not blow well or at all. When units are extremely low on refrigerant, they will continue to blow but will not produce cool air at all so you get warm air. Running a unit extremely low on refrigerant can also cause damage to the compressor.

It is important to always seek professional opinion on any problems your air conditioning unit may be experiencing. This will save you the time and frustration of trying to fix a system that you know nothing about.

Here in Atlanta, there are many HVAC companies that you could turn to. However, considering the fate of your summer lies with your access to air conditioning, it is important to seek only the most qualified HVAC repair specialists. Empire Heating & Air has been in business since 1985 handling all air conditioning repair in Atlanta and Decatur. With years of experience and several awards under our belt, you can trust us to handle all your HVAC needs.

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