What to do About High Humidity in Your Home

high humidity in your home

Here in Georgia, humidity is as certain as summer! Summertime may be over but the warm, wet weather hasn’t left us just yet. That persistent humidity can be a huge challenge for your home over time. Do you have issues with humidity at home?

Why High Humidity in Your Home is Bad

When humidity levels rise above around 40%, you’ll start to feel it. Your HVAC system will have a tougher time cooling your home and even when it does, the air will still feel relatively warm. High humidity isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s hard on your house. Humidity allows for mold and other pathogens to breed and even make your home more likely to house mosquitoes! Not to mention what it does to your hair…

How to Tell How High the Humidity Is

Many of today’s modern thermostats also have humidity readers. These are an excellent tool for gauging the air humidity levels near the thermostat itself. In order to determine exactly how high humidity is all over your home, including common problem areas like the garage and attic, you’ll want to call in an HVAC professional like Empire HVAC for a comprehensive air quality assessment.

What to do About High Home Humidity

What should you do if your house is too humid? Whole-home dehumidifiers are a viable solution for some people, particularly if they’re already investing in a new HVAC system. A central dehumidifier can be expensive and too far-reaching for some people, though, so a one-room dehumidifier is a smart alternative. Mobile dehumidifiers are an ideal solution if you only have humidity problems in one room, one season a year.

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