Remove Potentially Harmful Viruses & Bacteria
with an AirBRIGHT™ Ultraviolet Air Purifier

air bright air purifier

Now, more than ever, people are seeking cleaner indoor air.

At Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to keep customers and their comfort top of mind at all times. We know you’re concerned about your home environment, and there are ways we can assist you when it comes to the health of your indoor air. As home comfort specialists, we can provide you with indoor air quality products that can help contain and diminish the spread of microbes, including viruses, in your home’s air.

The Ultraviolet Air Purifier with the AirBRIGHT™ feature not only absorbs odors*, but can help improve overall air quality, comfort and HVAC efficiency in your home. It works by using ultraviolet light to inhibit the surface growth of mold spores and certain bacteria by as much as 99 percent**, in the duct system that would otherwise spread throughout your house.

This same type of light has been a tried and true air cleaning solution in hospitals, restaurants and other places where clean air is important.

The Ultraviolet Air Purifier system is recommended for homes and families with:

  • Allergies
  • Concern for maintaining or improving energy efficiency
  • Air conditioning ductwork that needs frequent cleaning
  • A humid climate
  • A dry climate in winter where windows are closed
  • Odors caused by pets, cooking and other sources

*The device will reduce Decane and Toluene (Methylbenzene) levels by greater than 90% after 1.5 hours of standard operation in a controlled chamber test. (Air Quality Science Report 17183-04, October 2011.)

**The device will reduce Serratia Marcescens by 99%+ during standard operation over a period of 24 hours, at a distance of 4.5 inches. The device will reduce Bacillus Subtilis by 99%+ during standard operation over a period of 24 hours, at a distance of 4.5 inches. The device will reduce Aspergillus Versicolor by 90%+ during standard operation over a period of 24 hours, at a distance of 4.5 inches. (LMS Technologies, Inc. Report, November 2006.)

Indoor Air Quality Products Atlanta

Everyone deserves fresh, clean air in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately though, studies have shown that indoor air quality can often be even more contaminated than outdoor air. Heating and cooling systems recirculate air throughout the home without actually removing contaminants or other suspended particles. Our Clean Green Comfort Systems do exactly that, using the most advanced products and technology to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and ensure the air in your home is safe for the entire family.

Air Quality Testing

Air Advice: Indoor Air Quality Testing | IAQ Analysis Atlanta | Empire HVACIn just 30 minutes, we can deliver a snapshot of the six leading indicators of air quality. We use “Air Advice” monitors that
will check temperature,  humidity, particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide levels in your air. The “Air Advice” system uses a wireless connection to upload readings to their central servers and generate a detailed IAQ report. Usually, within moments a technician can share the results of your air quality analysis directly in your home.

Ventilation SystemsOutside Air Ducting | IAQ Technology

Outside Air Ducting – One of the core concepts of clean air is ventilation. The old saying, “the solution to pollution is dilution, ” certainly holds true when it comes to indoor air quality and heating and air conditioning. One way to provide fresh air is to install outside air ducting to supply a small amount of fresh air to your HVAC system. Properly introducing fresh air will allow for filtering, conditioning, treating and distribution through the supply ductwork.

Energy Recovery Ventilator – If a simple outdoor air duct is not an option or if a higher level of ventilation is required, we often use an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) that can be Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV): Indoor Air Quality Productsintegrated with your HVAC system or function as a standalone system. An ERV works by exhausting a specified amount of air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. The “energy” part comes in the form of a core that can salvage the heating or cooling you have already paid for. For example, if the temperature in your home is 70 degrees and the air outside is 40 degrees, the core would allow the outside air to be introduced into your home at about 55 degrees, allowing outdoor air to freshen the home without altering the indoor temperature. In cases where larger amounts of outside air are needed, this can be a extraordinary cost-saving feature for heating and cooling.

Air Treatment Products

Ultraviolet Germicidal Light: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | Empire HVAC AtlantaUltraviolet Germicidal Light – Germicidal lights have been used in commercial and medical HVAC systems for decades and now that same technology can be used in residential systems as well. Air in your home is recirculated continuously throughout your ductwork and HVAC system, bringing viruses, bacteria and mold spores along with it. Adding a simple Germicidal light can help control these unwanted pollutants. Germicidal lights are available both with and without ozone. We typically recommend avoiding ozone unless needed for a specific application or commercial task. The bulb in a germicidal light will need to be replaced annually in order to remain effective and cut down on airborne germs.

Photocatalytic Air Purifier – Using a Photocatalytic Air Purifier in conjunction with your HVAC system is an effective photocatalytic air purifier: indoor air quality | Empire Heating & Air Conditioningmethod to reduce airborne odors, chemicals and VOC contaminants. Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) is a reaction that occurs when Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light rays. When VOCs, gaseous contaminants, and odors come into contact with the PRO-Cell™ surface, they are converted into odorless, harmless molecules of water vapor and carbon dioxide. The PCO unit uses the same type ultraviolet light as the device above, but adds extra purification with a honeycombed metal unit that is coated with titanium dioxide. We often use a PCO unit if outside air ventilation is not available or in applications where more aggressive treatment is needed to deliver proper air quality.

Humidification – In southern cities like Atlanta, we only require about 2100 hours of heating each winter, so our demand for winter humidificationIndoor Humidifier: Indoor Air Moisture | Air Quality Atlanta is much lower than our northern neighbors. We still see homes that will have indoor humidity levels as low as 15% relative humidity, which can have negative side effects on you and your family like increased sensitivity to allergens, skin conditions, and static electricity. Your home can also be affected as the dry air pulls moisture out of indoor furnishings like cabinets and hardwood floors, making them more worn and rugged. Perhaps most importantly, low humidity can make it feel colder than it really is, forcing you to crank up the thermostat. We have a full complement of powered central humidifiers to suite every application. The best unit for most residential and commercial applications is a steam powered humidifier, which can provide the best level of on-demand humidity control. Other units are available that use an evaporative process and require a functioning heating system in order to produce humidity.

Dehumidification – During those humid Georgia summers, we’ve all heard that it’s not the heat that makes it unbearable, but the humidity. It is a Honeywell Dehumidifier: Indoor Air Quality - IAQ | Empire HVACfact that air conditioning does provide some dehumidification, but it just isn’t enough with our hot and often wet summers. When high humidity levels are limited to a specific area of the home (like a garage or basement), a mobile dehumidifier can be used for no-hassle operation. However, the most powerful and effective solution is usually a central dehumidifier that can be integrated with your HVAC system. A central dehumidifier can use the ductwork of your heating and cooling system to provide relief to all the areas of the home and can be configured to work even when the air conditioning isn’t running. Many sizes are available to properly fit your indoor space, both residential or commercial. Our advanced units can even be installed with features that allow the system to drain automatically or to shut down in the event of a malfunction, so that you don’t have to worry about drainage buckets or plastic drain lines.

Duct Sealing – You may not think your ductwork should be a consideration for resolving indoor air quality, but unfinished or faulty ductwork can cause major changes in indoor air quality. Empire Heating and Air conditioning recommends testing the ductwork in your building as the first corrective action. This will identify faulty, leaky or incomplete ducts that might allow allergens to enter the home. Leaky ductwork in attics and crawlspaces can draw in unwanted contaminants, cause pressurization issues in your home, and reduce the efficiency of your central HVAC system. We have the equipment and the training to properly test duct systems and determine if there are leakage levels that need to be identified, sealed, and protected for years of worry-free operation.