Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Summer is in full effect, and the daily temperatures are not getting any cooler. With recent heatwaves causing digits to exceed the 100-degree mark in many parts of the country, there has never a better time to have a fully functioning AC system.

Ice-cold air does more than keep you and your family relaxed — it keeps heat strokes and other life-threatening health conditions at bay. It is our firm belief that no home should be without air conditioning, especially for residents in Atlanta.

What Your AC System Needs in the Summer

HVAC maintenance is critical. It optimizes your AC system’s efficiency, which keeps your monthly energy bills in check and ensures that warm air does not come out when the cold air is supposed to and vice versa.

Just as your vehicle requires routine fluid changes for its motor to run happy and healthy, your AC system will ultimately deteriorate in life and begin experiencing major malfunctions far sooner when its components are not regularly maintained. Maintenance does not cost a fortune as many people tend to think, but not doing so at all or at extremely long intervals can deal a major financial blow. Here is what our Atlanta HVAC contractors at Empire Heating and Air believe you should be doing now to keep everything balanced.

DIY Atlanta HVAC maintenance is simple and effective. Before anything else, remove the air filter and check to see if a replacement is in order. If you do not know when this was last done, err on the safe side and buy a HEPA model right away.

The air filter needs to be replaced within 6 to 12 months, and a quality product will improve your system’s efficiency up to 15 percent. That translates into huge costs savings over the course of a cooling season. The other thing you should do is thoroughly clean the outside unit. Keep it clear of grass, leaves and sticks as vegetation can hinder operating efficiency and cause clogs.

Contact a professional to perform a comprehensive HVAC tune-up, which typically includes drain clearing, a multi-point inspection and more in-depth cleaning of the interior and exterior equipment. The contractor may also recommend that you install a programmable thermostat and perform a duct work assessment to check for any air leaks. All parts of an AC system are codependent, so every component is important.

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