Air Conditioning Summer Tips

Air conditioning is often said to be everyone’s closest summertime pal. For air conditioners in Atlanta and the Southeast, this is probably true! The entire culture of the South and much of the nation changed with the advent of air conditioning in the very early 20th Century. Good or bad, air conditioning is important, and there are several air conditioning tips for summer that you need to know about and implement.

Air conditioning units are designed to maintain a steady temperature in homes and buildings. Dramatic temperature changes indoors (more than 15 degrees) place much stress upon units. Therefore, it is always best to turn your thermostat up instead of off when you will be away for a few days to prevent your indoor spaces from getting overly hot. If the temp and humidity get real high, the system functions harder and longer to cool the air down to the right thermostat level. This is tough for the air conditioning unit, and your energy bills.

Air Conditioning Tips for Atlanta

Another great air conditioning tip for summer in Atlanta and its surroundings is to change the unit’s air filter whenever it gets dirty, if you have kids and pets it can mean 4 or even 12 times a year. This eases the system’s workload by allowing air to pass freely through the system and improves the health and breathing of everyone inside.

Another simple air conditioning tip is one that does not much involve the system itself. This is to keep the building’s air temperature cooler by keeping hot air out of the home (good insulation) and by keeping doors and windows closed, and keeping shades pulled down to keep sunlight at a minimum. White draperies and shades are also useful for reflecting heat from sunlight.

Contact Air Conditioning Atlanta Experts – Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

Empire Heating and Air Conditioning can certainly provide many more great tips as well. It is great to have regular air conditioning tune-ups and air conditioning check-ups, at which time the Empire HVAC professional will also probably instruct that the outdoor unit be shaded by plants (saves up to 10% in efficiency) and that proper use of indoor fans be maintained year round.

It is best to contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 before the heat of August arrives. No one wants a faulty air conditioning unit during that dreadful month!

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