Invest in Surge Protection for your Air Conditioner

HVAC/Atlanta Tip: Installing Air Conditioner Surge Suppression Saves Air Conditioners

Electrical strikes and other power surges are known enemies of all home appliances, but can also be particularly destructive to air conditioning units and heating systems. Oddly enough, most people protect their computers and televisions, but do not employ air conditioner protection. Everyone should know about installing air conditioner surge suppressors!

Keep in mind that power surges occur regularly in North Georgia and Atlanta, due to spring and summer storms, winter weather (down lines) and the large number of vehicle accidents with power lines involved. The immediate resulting power surges can literally destroy your HVAC system. Surges can instantly fry key components, even motors, blowers, and smaller electrical parts.

Installing air conditioner surge suppressors can save your air conditioner by immediately shunting power to your unit when a surge occurs. These power spikes and resulting increases are devastating to unprotected electrical devices. The demons cause a loss of money, power, time, and are a serious inconvenience. Derail these spikes and avoid their influence – – – Install surge suppression.

Contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 so their team can inspect your unit and apply the necessary surge suppression protection. They will make use of any other measures that can safeguard your system and provide you and your family with piece of mind. It is worth the minor costs.

Storms, lightning, and surges are shocking and scary enough when they occur. However, these things are far worse when they happen and you realize that your air conditioning system is unprotected and at the mercy of them. Doesn’t this make good sense? Protect your heating and air units today with surge protection. Trust me, it will ease your mind. You will feel a lot better about your home or office when you take action.


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