Summer Indoor Air Quality Tips – Decatur, Georgia

Summer indoor air quality is important, and there are many basic indoor air quality tips relevant to Decatur and beyond. Most tips are things that supplement the work that your air conditioning system does to clean and cool air, and are very much common sense approaches.

Air Quality Tip: Change Your AC Filter / Do Not Smoke Indoors

First of all, try to change the air filter on your AC unit at least quarterly, preferably monthly if you have a one-inch filter. Only change the one-inch filter if it is dirty. Inspect it monthly to check for dirt and debris. If your air conditioning system has a 4″ extended surface filter, you only need to change that filter once per year. Once a filter gets dirty it has more resistance to airflow and will reduce to overall effectiveness of the system. Not smoking indoors is also a good indoor air quality tip for summer or anytime! Smoke lingers, and causes harm to individuals before eventually being filtered out.

Further Simple Indoor Air Quality Tips: Use Exhaust Fans / Monitor Unusual Odors

Most of us shower, right? Try and run the exhaust fan afterwards to remove excess moisture, as this prevents the air conditioning unit from having to do it. Simple, right? Also, be mindful of any unusual or bad odors, investigate and eliminate them. Many times we do spring and summer cleaning and inadvertently leave open or spill various cleaning chemicals or compounds. This can cause problems.

EPA Summer Air Quality Facts / Indoor Air Pollution Tips

A recent study showed that indoor air is often dirtier and unhealthier than outdoor air. That’s right. Human activity inside buildings produces indoor air pollution. In addition, pollution can enter from the outside through poorly insulated doors, windows attics, and other places. Check your insulation.

The EPA alerts Americans to numerous other indoor air pollution and hazards, and some indoor air quality tips for summer in Decatur, Atlanta, and nationwide. These include regular vacuuming (to collect pet dander, dirt, and other allergic annoyances), avoiding synthetic materials (that introduce chemicals), not using air fresheners and artificial fragrances, investing in plants and flowers to help purify the air, having Empire Heating and Air Conditioning clean and vacuum air ducts (to stop pollution from circulating), and using your air conditioner regularly!

Next Steps / Indoor Air: Air Conditioning System Checkup-Air Conditioner Tune-up

The goal is to have cleaner indoor air, especially during the summer months when allergies are common among us all. Allergy triggers must be eliminated as much as possible. Following the tips provided here, you should be able to cut-down indoor air pollution considerably. At the same time, it is always a good idea to contact your local Decatur HVAC professionals at Empire Heating and Air Conditioning to give your AC system a solid checkup and tune-up, on a regular basis.  Call Empire at 404-294-0900.