Open Windows Impede Atlanta Air Conditioner Efficiencies

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips in Atlanta

Air Conditioners do not like open windows. Fact. The common habit of opening windows at night (or day) in warm and humid weather for fresh air is detrimental to your air conditioning system. How? It is not the added heat that is the trouble. Humidity is the main culprit.

The more humid air entering your home via open windows actually can (and does) add immeasurable moisture to the household air supply. Therefore, your air conditioner must compensate by running that much harder and longer. Why is this so bad?

Again, the biggest issue of opening windows is this humidity that comes along with it. Even if the air is occasionally cooler, it is damper. Atlanta’s regular thunderstorms make sure of that. This moisture adds to the latent load and sometimes the sensible load. Moisture removal is “latent load”, lowering the temperature is the “sensible load.”

The longer and harder your air conditioning system must operate to filter out dampness and attain the right indoor temperature, the higher your utility bills will be, and the greater the strain on the system itself.

In addition to shrinking your bank account, this extra air conditioner work will inevitably lead to increased repair costs and more frequent tune-ups in the future. Meanwhile, the atmosphere will also always be a little unpleasant as the air conditioning system works to further compensate against Mother Nature.  If you need an air conditioning tune-up, please contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 to find out more about planned air conditioning maintenance programs in metro Atlanta.

Advice/Tip: Keep Windows Closed With Air Conditioning

A common sense approach is simply not to open windows anytime, especially on spring or summer nights. In this manner, less energy is used and the home’s indoor air supply doesn’t become humid enough to affect the air conditioning system or you.

Energy conservation is important; but, if extra air circulation is also important to you and your family, just try running a small fan in the hallway about ten minutes at a time delete – in addition to your air conditioner. This will not affect the inside temperature, but can make your body feel a bit better.

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