nexia-home-intelligenceEmpire Heating & Air Conditioning offers the top choice for Home Intelligence Systems on the market today! Nexia™ Home Automation Products allow you the ability to operate your home’s electronic features even while you’re away. Everything from home security to indoor air conditioning can be remotely operated from the couch or from the office.

What Exactly is Nexia Automation?

No matter where you are, Nexia™ brings you full smartphone control directly from the palm of your hand.  All of our home automation systems operate over a secure Wi-Fi network, so that you can wirelessly control:

  • Home alarm systems and security devices
  • Speakers and audio/video networks
  • Thermostats and HVAC systems
  • Lighting and indoor shading
  • Garage door operation
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Other custom home features!

Nexia Home Intelligence System

Nexia’s state-of-the-art, all-in-one system lets you manage and control your home’s temperature according to your schedule and lifestyle. You can even manage multiple thermostats with the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System, so that you can direct airflow to certain areas of the home. Nexia™ works with products from a number of different manufacturers so you are able to select which products or brands are right for your family and your budget. Keep your home safe, secure and comfortable from anywhere in the world.

Nexia Automation Services

home automationWhen you choose Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, our top-rated technicians will install and connect your home’s automated applications directly to the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System. All you have to do is download a Mobile App to remotely run your home’s new, easy-to-use features.  This app is available for Apple, Google Play and Windows so that you can operate the home’s indoor systems on any computer, smartphone device, or tablet.

Nexia™’s Home Intelligence System is easy to set up in your home or office and only requires:

  • Active broadband internet connection
  • Router with at least one available port for Bridge connection* (not necessary with the new American Standard 824 or American Standard Gold XV thermostats)
  • Computer with internet access for initial setup
  • A compatible smartphone or tablet to use your mobile devices for remote features

Benefits of Nexia Home Automation Services:

home securityOne of the most unique aspects of the Nexia™ system is the ability to automate multiple functions. For example, record an automatic video clip from a motion-activated camera and receive a text alert the moment it happens. Program your patio lights to turn on when you open the garage door or schedule energy-saving thermostat usage to reduce airflow during work hours. New products, like the Amazon Echo, even give you the ability to speak new commands without even pushing a button. With this technology, you can customize a system that gives you total control, both indoors and out. The possibilities are endless with a Nexia™ home automation system.

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